Sunday, June 17, 2012

Upcoming Project Update.

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I'm going to do a monthly upcoming project list feature. I think it will help me to be more motivated to do the things I love. Motivation is good for me because I love ideas, but usually need an extra push in order to get them done. Here we go. Enjoy!

1. Glass Etching
2. Coaster Fun
3. Chalkboard Mugs
4. Coffee Table 
5. Sharpie Mugs

I don't want to overload myself right now with projects as I'm just getting into things. I am excited to work with mum and Nancee on our little shop project. Its going to be so wonderful to work along side my mother and a good friend. 

We weeded Fran Busch's yard! It was a wonderful time serving with my friends; Donna, Hayley, Peter & Bennett. Thank you, guys! You're a blessing to me. :)

Jon bought Peter an old school phone that attaches to your  cell phone. It was pretty neat. Check it out here




Applebees for Jon's birthday perfday. 

Jon said it was "such a neat thing I had to get one for myself!"

Donna like's little clothes pins. 
I have really great friends who love to serve and take care of people. I am truly blessed and it's so wonderful. Have a great night! 


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