Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Things I Love #1

Listening: Jenny Lewis
Drinking: Water

Hello all! Today has been wonderful for several reasons...
1. It was 64 degrees on the ride to work this morning
2. I have a new found affection for + having a fan blowing at work
3. Jordan's family is in town
4. I just remembered I have 10 bucks Old Navy cash to use up
5. I signed up for an e-course from A Beautiful Mess and I'm stoked

Jordan and I are going out to eat with his family tonight. They came from across the state (Caro, Mi) to visit. I think it will be a blast. Tomorrow night we're all (my family + his family) going to Yesterdog for dinner. Our families haven't met, so I'm really excited for this weekend. Another fantastic thing that happened is my friend Kara started blogging! You can read up on her wonderful thoughts here

With all that said it brings me to something new I'm going to try: 5 Things I Love Fridays. Below is a list of things I love today. If there would be a theme to this first post it would be "things that keep me sane at work." Enjoy. 

 1. Emily Waldon. This woman is very dear to my heart. You can read her blog here.
 2. Nivea Hand Creme. You read correctly. My hands get beat up working in the shipping/receiving department!
3. Stick Notes. Where would I be without you?
 4. My Office Calendar. Sometimes... You just need the gang at Dundler Mifflin to brighten your day.
5. Tea Jar. Enough said. 

Now to get ready for dinner! Have a good evening! 


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