Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alright friends...

Listening: Jordan & Caleb playing the guitar
Drinking: Water (oh, delicious water)

Hello all! I couldn't stay away for long! I know, I know... I just posted earlier today, but I have so many things on my mind and so many pictures on my SD card. I need to unload on the goodness.
First things first, this is how disc golf went: Splendid. Look at the wonderful pictures I took of some great fellowship... :)

In other news... I just made 2 decent sized purchases last night. I snatched up Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 & a Wacom Bamboo Tablet. I am so excited about these 2 purchases. They should arrive on Monday or Tuesday (thank goodness for Amazon Prime). I'll post about them when they both come in. This is going to be a blast! Also - I'm busy making notes, drawing and writing... The etsy store should drop here in no time flat. Life is so wonderful right now. 


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