Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard Mug

This was on my "Project Update" post about 3 weeks ago and I'm finally posting pictures of it! 
All you need is: 
1. A plain mug. I chose white because I like the contrast in color, but you can use whatever color you want.          
    I got mine at Goodwill for 10 cents each!
2. Painters tape
3. Chalkboard spray paint
4. Clear plastic wrap
5. Contact paper (optional)

This shows 2 different kinds of mugs I made. The instructions are pretty much the same for both, I just got a little bit more creative for the Mustache one. 

Solid Black Mug
Tape off the top of the mug with the painters tape and make sure the plastic wrap is taped to the sides as well. You don't want black spray paint on the inside of the mug. I also taped off the handle for this one, but I've made them before without a taped handle. It's your personal preference. 

*This mug is finished. Just let it dry now! 

Mustache Mug 
1. Cut out a mustache and then make a square around it. You want a black mustache and white mug, not a white mustache and a black mug! Make sure you put clear plastic around it so the over spray doesn't get anywhere. 

2. Paint away!  
3. Let dry. I set mine in front of a fan because they dry quicker and because it made for a cute picture!

 4. Finished product! There was some paint that went under the contact paper, but I just carefully scratched that off with my nail. Aren't they cute?

 Have  a great day!


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