Thursday, July 19, 2012

Goodness Gracious

Listening: Rain
Drinking: Coffee

Today is a good day. I'm listening to the rain as I write this post and it's a wonderful sound. We've needed rain so badly over here in West Michigan.

I went over to Alicia's last night and helped her make decorations for Emma's 1st birthday party. It was a blast! That little girl and her mum are just gorgeous!
I love taking pictures of people in their element. We're going to the park to play this Monday and I'm going to get some great shots, I just know it. Alicia voiced what my mum has voiced for the last 20 years last night, "When you're a mother, you're taking the pictures so you're rarely in them!" I'm going to change that and it's going to be so fun. :)

Now off to work! Have a wonderful day!


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