Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: Imagine Dragons

Drinking: Morning cup 'o coffee
Listening: Jars Of Clay

I've been listening to this band like crazy lately. I really love their song "It's Time" off the EP Continued Silence. Pretty chill music, which is something I love because I like having music on in the background when I do homework, edit pictures or blog.

Snag the EP here and watch this great acoustic version of It's Time here.

I have a busy day today. Jumping right back into work. Picking up mum's car from the shop. Dropping off Kait & Aaron's engagement pictures. Taking Sally to get her hair cut. Man, oh man. I'll be tired tonight. I'm going to try to have all the pictures from my trip posted tonight though. If I wait too long I'll forget or push it to the back of the pile of things I have to do (Chicago pictures, anyone? I should post those...). I had such a lovely time up north. I enjoy being able to share pictures on here of my trips, travels and adventures. It's wonderful.

Have a great Monday!


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