Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Things I Love #3

Drinking: Water
Listening: Coldplay

That's right! It's time for another 5 Things I Love Friday post. I really enjoy these posts... Today's might seem kind of silly, but I really do enjoy all of these things.

1. Hand written looking emails. This site is really fun and makes emailing among friends less mundane. Donna and I have enjoyed this the past few days. :)

2. The Fredrik Meijer Garden's Amphitheatre. Jordan & I went to see The Head & The Heart here last night (pictures soon!) and it was a fantastic venue.

3. Empty grocery lines. Lets be honest, who doesn't?

4. Renting movies. I know this is silly and people don't do it often, but I really love renting movies. There is just something fun about asking "this one or this one" until you've found the perfect film for your evening.

5. This song. I know it's an old one, but man, is it good.

There is is, folks! I hope you all have a great Friday!


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