Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY: Birthday Canvas

Drinking: Water
Listening: Taylor Swift

I am so happy I can finally share this project with you! It was a birthday present for my friend Kara & she reads my blog, so I couldn't spill the beans. Donna and I hung out and painted this up a couple weeks ago. It was straight forward. 1. Base Coat 2. Words 3. Let it dry!

Making things and spending time with great people are some of my favorite things, so this evening was a blast! Have you ever made anything for a friend?



  1. Caption for this craft "so easy to do, you can do it in white pants."

    1. That's a great caption. Also, I love seeing your comments on here.

    2. Thanks! I do too! You should also note that I was not the one that made this fantastic product, even though you made it look that way on here... deceptive