Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fulton Street Farmers Market & Books

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Sucre

Good morning! I am so excited to share pictures of my girls morning out from Saturday. We went to the Fulton Street Farmers Market just for fun. Everything was so fresh and colorful. Here are some photo's I snapped. 

Homemade goat milk soap. 

After taking pictures of fruit we walked over to East Town. There are some really cute shops down there. Here are some of my favorites...

We visited 2 book stores and I grabbed up a stack of Marvel Comics for 15 bucks. I was pretty excited. I got a great deal on them and they're mostly Spiderman and X-Men so what's not to love? Here are some shots from Redux. 

I enjoy girl time quite a bit. It's just good to relax ad do some things that you love. I'm going to scout of flea markets in the area. Does anyone have any good ideas? What did you guys do this weekend?


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