Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Things I Love #8

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Mark Driscoll 

I was swamped all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to do my 5 Things post. I had a wedding, a wedding rehearsal & a rehearsal dinner. This weekend is going to be one big blessed blur. I'm so happy about it though. Liz & Travis got married yesterday. Jake & Josie are getting married later today. Jordan & I are singing at their wedding & I couldn't feel more honored. It's going to be a great time this evening. I'm ready to dance the night away. 

1. This is the song Jordan and I are singing today (with some tweeks!) I've been listening to it a lot lately and remembered how fond of it I was. 

2. This craft looks amazing! Aren't those shakers super cute? 
3. Wedding season. I get to dance & no one cares that I'm not good at it because they're so happy someone got married. Oh! And because people I love get married. :)

4. I'm finding a new love for design that I've never had before and it's wonderful. 

5. This site has really fantastic ideas on staying organized & having a home you love to live it. It's a really enjoyable read. 

I'm glad I had time to post this right before Jordan picks me up! Actually... he's calling me now. Off to a wedding I go! Enjoy this wonderful weekend! 


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