Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 Things I Love #10

Drinking: Water
Listening: Paul Klein

I am really excited about this 5 Things I Love post and I'll tell you why: I love finding people who share a love for the same things I do. With that said let me introduce you to two really great guys I have come into contact with...

1. Shane Farnsworth.
First of all, this guys videos and photos are killer. I love the style and vibe of all of them. I first talked to him when he emailed Poler with this great video. You should check out the video and his site by clicking on his name above.

2. Paul Klein.
Paul and his music are both featured in the video I talked about above. Shane told me to check out his music, so I did. Not only is the music wonderful, his love for the Lord is apparent. I was so pleasantly surprised. Please, go check out his tunes. They're fantastic.

3. Fantasy Basketball.
That's right, folks. Margeaux Knight (aka Hoops, I did it again) is participating in fantasy hoops this year with the guys at work. I could be more excited! Learning curve, here I come. Haha.

I wont lie... I am terrified to start planning this wedding. But since it's only 6 months out, I better get cracking. If anyone has pointers shoot them my way! I will be eternally grateful!

5. This 8tracks playlist.
I know, I know... I mention 8tracks a lot. I just can't help it! This playlist is getting me through super long days of work. Sometimes all I need is some good music when I hit that 2:30 pm wall.

Here's a small list of other things I love today...
1. The Raven is a great movie. Just watched it with Jordan and it was enjoyable.
2. My new denim shirt.
3. The Lance Armstrong debate that took place in my kitchen today.
4. The fact that it's 64 degrees outside right now.
5. My knitting book.

Thanks for listening to me gush about things today guys! Have a great weekend!



  1. So many things to say. But I'll stick with 3
    1. I loved all those things.
    2. my only tip for planning a wedding. (cause I've got so much experience in this arena) Delegate and recruit. :)
    3. Hoops, I did it again... great name

  2. Congratulations on your engagement Margeaux!!! That's wonderful news! I had to look back and check out your pretty pretty ring. AH-mazing!
    I've got to get crackin on planning mine too. It's been 9 months since I got engaged.... it goes by SO SO fast.