Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travels // Traverse City

Hello everyone! Here are some pictures from Jordan & I's wonderful weekend up in Traverse City. I love being outside. The weather was wonderful! A little rainy, but nothing terrible. The colors were so gorgeous.

Highlight if the weekend? JORDAN & I GOT ENGAGED! I know you guys already know - I've mentioned it... :) The picture of us is right afterward!

Left to right:
1. Mission Point Light House - that's where he proposed! 
2. Sign at the lighthouse
3. Cool looking barrels
4. I wanted to go to this so badly!
6. Kilkenneys (the pub in the basement of North Peak)
7. Right Brain brewery
8. Beers at Shorts brewery
9. North Peak brewery

Left to right:
1. I'm still blurry-eyed & happy about my ring at Mackinaw Brewing Co. 
2. Right Brain Brewery
3. Fun stuff from Right Brain!
4. The Blue Tractor restaurant
5. Kilkenneys pub
6. Kilkenneys pub
7. Flap Jack Shack = tasty
8. The beautiful fall colors
9. We followed a Fat Tire truck on our way up there

I had a great time up north! Jordan is so wonderful to me. He's such a blessing. Oh, and check out my ring. ;)


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