Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Listening: Joe Purdy

Just wanted to share some pictures of my house with all of it's festive merriment's! I adore spending time with my family - but it doesn't happen often. I work 14 hours a day, Mum works 3rd shift, Keegan has work/college & Sally is still in highschool. No one is ever home at the same time. The person I see the most is Paul lately. Hahaha. But there was some time spent together over Christmas. Paul went to Chicago with his family (he was missed!) but everyone else was at home.

First of all, I should explain... My family isn't like most & we don't treat Christmas like most, either. We worked on projects until 10 am and then had breakfast. No thought was given to presents until 11 am. I feel increadibly blessed to be around people who put other things before themselves and know the real reason for the season. :) Jordan was home in Caro with his family celebrating, hense the reason he is strangely absent from these pictures.

Doesn't this look like a blast? To top the day off Mum took us all to see Les Mis! Ahhh! It was lovely and I couldn't have been more please with all the singing.

I hope your Christmas was cheery & filled with Christ. :)


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