Saturday, January 26, 2013


Drinking: Soy Milk
Listening: Laura Marling

I bought several succulents this weekend... How could I not? They were $5.50 a piece and so cute! I'm probably going to run out and buy several more. I can't help how adorable they are. So now the question is where to put them? Jordan needed some green around his house. I bought a baby cactus about a month ago and his home is by the sink in the kitchen. What do you guys think about having them in the living room? I think I'm going to decorate the pots with the sharpie paint markers I bought. I really love having them under the TV... I think that's where I'm going to keep them. :)

Jordan and I are off to Bailey's birthday party in a couple minutes. We did some serious goodwilling today. I'll post about all of our sweet finds tomorrow. Oh, and I might get a picture of Jordan singing his heart out tonight. Karaoke is on the to-do list, apparently. We'll see how willing he is. :)



  1. AH, they are gorgeous! I love succulents! Wonderful pics!
    Happy Sunday xxx

  2. I love Laura Marling, and cacti/succulents in general are so so nice!
    Katie xx

  3. Whaaaaaat?? Jordan Kareoke-ing?? I demand a video.