Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Do...

Drinking: Tea
Listening: Lana Del Ray

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday guys! This is my simple to do list this week & I'm hoping all of them get taken care of this week because the wedding things are super important. ;)

1. Make cookies using my Michigan shaped cook cutter from my mum.
Yay! I love when mum buys be cool things. :)

2. Print my wedding invites.
Yes, this is important. Haha.

3. Buy my wedding dress.
Also very important. Eeek.

4. Finally pay for the ceremony venue (I've had this money in an envelope in my nightstand for 3 months!)
Enough said, I want this on my "done" list!

5. Return bottles.
They're piling up! New Years Eve left me with 2 full bags!

Have a lovely Tuesday, folks!



  1. Good luck with your to-do list for the week! I hope you decide to share pictures of the finished cookies, I would love to see them. And I'm with you on the bottles (and recycling in general), the holidays have left everything piled up.

    1. Thanks, Erica! Yeah - the festivities of the New Year nearly bogged me down. I did return the bottles after work though, so we're in the clear on that one! :)

    2. As wonderful as the holidays are, the hardest part is definitely trying to get back in the swing of things again. Yay for getting one of your items crossed of your list already though!

  2. Planning a wedding is so stressful and so much fun at the same time. Good luck with your list! We know you will conquer that wedding! :)

  3. Definitely sounds like you've got some very important (and fun) stuff to do!Good luck! And love Lana del Ray :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Thanks, Annie! And yes I do! I'll be excited when it's done and done!

  4. Buy a wedding dress?!?! how exciting!