Friday, June 7, 2013

Mini Projects / Big Aspirations

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I have a confession.

My head is so full of projects, dreams, goals and aspirations most of the time that I can't see straight. The only thing that keep me sane (strangely enough) is having to balance a full time job + being a new wife on top of these creative desires. All that to say, here are some lovely goodies I've purchased lately in order to get my craft on.


1. I'm hoping to do something similar to what Amanda did here. I love the simple look of her finished project and I think it would look awesome in the basement!

2. I have a special project for this that I'm hoping turns out! I think I'll be able to squeeze it in this weekend!

3. I mean... this is essential, is it not? But I do love how Elise uses hers in her project life albums.

4. I want to make stamps. Sometimes I can't find exactly what I want. Enough said.

5. I have used this several times already for cute packaging ideas! I love it!

6. And... refills. Because I would rather have them then not have them.

What are you guys working on creating recently?


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