Saturday, June 29, 2013

Re-model & go!

Drinking: Smoothie
Listening: Drive Soundtrack

Summer is a time for change. A time to clean house and start again. Well, that's what I've been doing if you've been reading my daily goals at all. Scrubbing, organizing & washing have been on my list of things to do this week and it's no different in blog land.

With Jordan's help I was able to finally set up my domain name for the blog. It will be launching next week, so keep your fingers crossed! I'm also thinking about a facelift for the 'ol blog. What do you think? Something fresh sounds really nice.

Sometimes I get so worked up about things I lose sight of what I want my main focus in life to be. This verse is helping me keep my priorities in the right places and accomplish my goals.
Tonight we're having friends over for a cook out and I can't wait! I love weekends! Spending time with people I love is one of my favorite things. What are you doing today? I have a love of cleaning to still do before we have company over.

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