Thursday, June 6, 2013

Team Work

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Eric Church

Can I just say that I am married to the best man in the world? I know a lot of women say things like that during the first few months of marriage. I know the rose colored glasses are especially rosy right now. But when I say "the best man" what I really mean is a great man. As soon as I make that distinction the rose colored glasses fall off and I'm able to see Jordan for what he really is, and it doesn't change. He's still a great man. I'm comforted by this, because I know that as soon as things get rough, I will be able to watch him become and even greater man. I mean let's be honest, he's patient with me on a daily basis, so I already get to see him grow. I can be aggravating.

Ladies, always marry a great man. That's just my opinion. There is good, better, best... and then there is Jordan. He was made for me only - God had this union in mind while we were being knit together in our mommas wombs. What a comforting thought...

All that to say, Jordan and I worked in tandem on a project tonight. We work extremely well together on projects around the house, but this one? The process and the end result were just amazing. I couldn't be more happy!

 I bought these lights back before the wedding, hoping to be able to use them in the basement in the future. Jordan and I were talking out how we wanted to hang them. All I could think of was a giant X. Two strands, crossing each other in the middle. Boom. Done. On to the next one. Except that when we tried it out it looked weird because the strands were 21 ft. long and hung down too low.
Jordan had the idea to "zig zag" them across the beams instead. Perfection! We got to work. Jordan used the power tools and did the tall things, I held the lights and did the small things. 
 I would apologize for the mess, but do I really have to? You all live in your homes, too. :)
The finished project! I can't wait till other things start falling into place down here. We have an amazing basement and we were bouncing ideas off each other the whole time we were hanging the lights. There are a few projects up our sleeves that we'll be working on sometime in the (near?) future.

Are you guys doing any fun renovations lately?



  1. That last picture is so cute! They look great. What a good idea.

  2. Thanks, Sally! I am so happy with how it turned out! So simple, too!