Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Things I Love #19

Ah, yes. Time for another installment of 5 Things.

I woke up grumpy today. Not at all refreshed like I usually am. Stumbling into the kitchen, I buried my face in Jordan's chest. He smiled and told me to quit goofing around (or something along those lines, I told you, I was tired). I shuffled away to put on my Friday clothes (yay jeans!) and sent a silent pray above with a request to brighten my sullen mood.

Fast-forward to 5pm.

Today was wonderful. Not only did I get my oil changed and get to have lunch with mum, but I landed a sale that put my team of 3 people over our budget for this month. High fives for all!

I guess what I'm saying is... Thank you, Lord. This Friday has been killer.


1. Homemade Bread. I can't wait to make this recipe next week.

2. Yeti and the Beast. Enough said.

3. Lost + Found by Tessa Rose Jackson.

4. This 8 tracks playlist.

5. Jordan.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday! We get to spend some quality time with the in-laws this weekend! Yippee!


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