Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY // Trashcan Re-style

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I love metallic colors. 

This is no secret, I'm sure. Gold, silver, bronze... I'm not picky. I adore it it. So that's why my mind started racing when I got this plain 'ol red trash can for a $1 at Dollar Tree. I had the pray paint for a while, but this was a low project for me. I finally did it while I was watching tv several weeks ago and I'm loving how it turned out. 

-Spray Paint (I chose a gold that I had laying around)
-Spray Sealant
-$1 Store Trashcan

 1. Wipe down the trashcan and make sure there isn't any dust on it before you start painting. 
 2. I placed mine upside down and gave it two liberal coats. I was careful not to layer too much paint on areas that might drip. 
 3. Once the first two coats dried, I flipped it over and repeated on the inside. 

4. Once the gold paint was dry I gave a quick coat of sealant for good measure. I doubt this will see too much wear and tear, but I wanted my bases covered. 

 5. Enjoy your handy work! Pat yourself on the back! You just made something sweet!

Are you guys doing any office restyles lately? 


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