Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY // Gold Magnetic Letters

Drinking: Water
Listening: Noah Gunderson

I wanted to spice up our fridge for the holiday season, but make it versatile enough that I could re-use whatever I made the rest of the year. What color is more versatile than gold?! Yeah, that's what I thought... So gold it is!

1. I bought these magnetic letters and used paint I already had on hand. Then I got to work! 

2. I laid them out flat and have them a couple coats of paint.

 3. Front and back...

4. Once they were dry I gave them a once over with a clear top coat. 

Aren't they cute posted up on our fridge? I'm in love... I can't wait to play with them from now on. 

What about you guys? How do you like this project? 


1 comment:

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