Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY // Glass Etched Water Jug

This is by far one of my favorite DIY's to date. And it's honestly one of the simplest things I've ever done. 

What You Need: 
Empty Wine Bottle
Contact Paper
Box Cutter / Silhouette Cameo

1. Start by cutting the design out of contact paper. I used my Cameo, but you can print on the contact paper and cut it out with a box cutter if you want. 

2. Once you have your design cut out, carefully place it onto the bottle. Make sure all edges are sealed tight against the bottle so that the cream can't leak under the seal and mess up the lines. 

3. Generously apply the etching cream and let sit for 10 minuets. Wash up with warm water and take off the contact paper. 

And that's it! Isn't this project the cutest? I love the end result. This will be perfect for a Valentines day table. 


1 comment:

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