Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY // Place Setting Decor

Hellllooooooo! I hope you all had a great first week of 2014. I know I sure did!

I want to share the first DIY project of 2014 with you. These cute arrow statement plates are perfect for a wall hanging or a jewelry dish.

What you'll need: 
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Gold Spray Paint
Contact Paper 
Ceramic Plate
X-Acto Knife
Masking Tape
This Arrow Graphic (or a graphic of your choosing)

1. Print the arrow graphic onto your contact paper. Slowly use the knife to cut out the arrows and gently remove them. Then peel off the backing and line it up on the plate. I covered the rest of the exposed ceramic with cellophane and taped it down, making sure there were no areas that the paint could get to. 

2. In a well ventilated area lightly paint gold on the exposed area and let it dry. Slowly remove the contact paper and seal with clear coat. 

I had to clean up the lines with the knife so they were cleaner, but I LOVE the way this turned out. I'm currently using it in my bathroom for my make-up.

1. For the chalkboard version I took the contact paper that had been cut out from the first plate and stuck it to the center, making sure it was adhered completely. 

2. Then I spray painted with chalkboard paint and waited for it to dry. I might like this one even more than the gold one, just because the lines were SO CLEAN!

I obviously didn't use either of these for actual food and wouldn't recommend it as the paint isn't 100% food safe. I used these to give a simple table setting more character in the pictures. In the end I used the gold one for a make up catch all in my bathroom and the chalkboard one got written on (see below) and is waiting to be hung on a statement wall. I love them both so much!

So what did you think, guys? Cute, right? I can't wait to make more. My head is overflowing with ideas. 


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