Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tattoo time.

Drinking: Water
Listening: The Broken West

My kid sister got asked to her first prom this past weekend. I am so excited to take her dress shopping and all that jazz. It should be a blast. I don't love doing that kind of stuff, but there's something about baby sisters that brings it out in me. 

I got my first tattoo yesterday. I adore it. I took these pictures in my mirror, so no worries. It's not backward. It's Hebrew for "Shalom"... I think it's great. 

You know how people say that ink is addicting? Well... I already know what I want to do next. If not next  then at some point. Haha. I'll wait a couple years, though. I have other things I really want to get my hands on besides a body full of tattoos. Cotton wouldn't like that anyway, and I do care a little bit about his opinion. ;)

Josh and Steph Tovey are the youth leaders at my church and tonight is the last day they will be teaching. They're picking up and moving to North Carolina. It's been a blessing to serve with them. Tonight will be hard. I know it's tearing the kids apart, but we're all excited to see what the Lord will do with their willingness to serve in the future. They'll be a blessing where there going, it's just sad to see them leave. I'm bringing my camera along tonight, I'll post some pics later. 


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