Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY // Foam Stamps

Drinking: Mt. Dew
Listening: Listener

I was at the dollar store last week when I walked by these foam stickers. There were so many of them! Animals, shapes, sea creatures, musical instruments... While I was browsing an idea came to my mind. I rushed back to the stickers and snatched up several packages!

I peeled the paper off the back and stuck four of the same shape together. I couldn't have even imagined the cute stamps these would be. I love love love them! Aren't they cute?

I used a bright colored ink for these stamps, which is out of the ordinary. It just seemed right. Something about cakes and party hats seems appropriate.

Have you guys ever had a craft idea hit you out of the blue? I gotta tell you... it's one of the best feelings.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Re-model & go!

Drinking: Smoothie
Listening: Drive Soundtrack

Summer is a time for change. A time to clean house and start again. Well, that's what I've been doing if you've been reading my daily goals at all. Scrubbing, organizing & washing have been on my list of things to do this week and it's no different in blog land.

With Jordan's help I was able to finally set up my domain name for the blog. It will be launching next week, so keep your fingers crossed! I'm also thinking about a facelift for the 'ol blog. What do you think? Something fresh sounds really nice.

Sometimes I get so worked up about things I lose sight of what I want my main focus in life to be. This verse is helping me keep my priorities in the right places and accomplish my goals.
Tonight we're having friends over for a cook out and I can't wait! I love weekends! Spending time with people I love is one of my favorite things. What are you doing today? I have a love of cleaning to still do before we have company over.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Things I Love

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Say Hi To Your Mom

1. Being able to make your own word search! Check it out!
2. Personalized necklaces.
3. Geometric stamps from Fellow Fellow!
4. Working on margins and crunching numbers at my job.
5. Lumi Inkodye - go read about this product asap!

I am so excited for this weekend! We're having some friends over on Saturday evening for a cookout and Jordan and I are making a trip to the Holland Farmers Market (eeee!). What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything fun?

Enjoy this jam this weekend... it's a great tune.

Enjoy this weekend whatever you do!

Goals : 6/27

1. Make something - I made stamps! DIY tutorial on the blog this weekend - I didn't have the proper light for decent photos.
2. Eat something - I ate some om noms from our garden and munched on cherries for dinner. I know, I know, lame.. but I love everything about our garden.
3. Do something - I cleaned. Oh boy. Our bathroom got an overhaul. I shed hair like crazy, so cleaning the bathroom floor could be a full time job (yikes!). Got some organizing done in my office (it's still a wreck), freshened up our linen closet and did laundry! I felt so productive! And I took a walk!

Disk Golfing

Drinking: Water
Listening: Jars of Clay

We were out of the house all day on Saturday a couple weeks ago with Jordan's family. Goodwilling and disk golf were among the many things that we filled the time with. Jordan's family loves disk golfing and we go out almost every time we're together! What better way to spend time with family than outside?


Team work.




Ken + Wendy bought us a cute baby grill for the deck! 

Jordan bought a bird feeder. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gimme More Plants!

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Ben Sollee

I have an addiction to plants nowadays. I mean, I love having green things in and around the house. Jordan bought me so much stuff for my birthday. On top of the sewing machine, he also bought me a ton of cute plants! Succulents, cacti & aloe galore at this girls house!

Sally came over and spent the night last night. We got busy planting as soon as we could! It was so lovely outside and spending time with my bebe sister was great!

*We bought all the plants + pots at Lowes. They have a great selection right now!

I hope you enjoyed these fun pictures as much as we enjoyed planting! Do you have any fun plant related projects you're working on currently? We would love to see!


Goals : 6/26

1. Make something - Sally spent the night last night and we planted and made things! It was a blast! 
2. Eat something - Once again, reaping the benefits of fresh food on my deck. Yummmmm.
3. Do something - Okay, I'll admit it. I didn't walk or yoga. I was lazy buns today.

Travels // Turkey Run State Park

Drinking: Water
Listening: Darius Rucker

When Jordan first planned this trip I was concerned it was going to be like some kind of park where turkeys run wild. Thankfully, I was wrong! There were no turkeys in site and this trip was absolutely delightful! We spent the whole day hiking around. The trees kept us cool and it was raining, so that helped, too.

On Sunday before we went home we drove down and made a pit stop at the Indianapolis Zoo. I don't want to brag or anything, but Jordan and I have a blast together! ;) I guess that's a good thing, right?

Yet another pit stop - Flat 12 Brewery. They have all their hops growing up a trellis on the outside of the building. The inside is so open and simple, Jordan and I loved it. Oh, and they have good beer!

I hope you all are doing some awesome things with this great weather! Do you have any summer plans? We have so many more things up our sleeves I can hardly contain my excitement.