Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eats // Avocado Ranch Chicken Wrap

Drinking: Water
Listening: MGMT
-Feta Cheese
-Olives (I added black after the pictures were snapped)
 1. Spread the Avocado Ranch Dip over the whole tortilla.
 2. Cut up olives, chicken and cucumbers and mix, adding feta last.
3. Once your meat, veggies and cheese are mixed, place them in the middle of the tortilla and wrap up.

And that's it! Grab yourself a Summer cocktail or a glass of water and enjoy! I love this because it's cool and tasty for a hot Summer night. What are you guys munching on for dinners lately?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY // Sunglasses Pouch Tutorial

Drinking: Water
Listening: Dashboard Confessional

A few weeks back I shared this post, but I realized I didn't really share any of the steps. Below are the steps I took to make these adorable little bags! 

-Acrylic Paint
-Cotton Twine (I got mine at Dollar Tree!)
-Contact Paper (also Dollar Tree!)

Cut out a piece of fabric is a little bit bigger than your glasses - I made 3 for friends this past weekend. That's why I have 3 different pieces here. 

I made stripes, but you can really make whatever shapes you want. I used contact paper. 

I used 3 different colors of acrylic paint for this specific project. I love that it only takes about 10 minutes to dry!

Once the paint was dry I folded the tops of the ends over on the non-painted side of the fabric and sewed. I made sure that there would be space enough to put string through on the last step. Then I folded it in half on the painted side and sewed up the sides, leaving the space for the string open.

Once everything is sewn up flip your pouch right side out and insert your strings. Your pouch is done! Now go catch some rays and enjoy your new sunglasses case! 

What do you guys do with your sunnies during the Summer months? I love this project because I am always misplacing mine and this helps me keep them in one place!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday

Drinking: Water
Listening: Sarah Jaffe

Just some tuned that I'm enjoying today... 

Sara Bareilles // Gonna Get Over You
Colbie Caillet // Brighter Than The Sun
Ingrid Michaelson // Blood Brothers
Kristen Hersh // Your Ghost
Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! 


Sunday, July 28, 2013

A weekend...

We spent a weekend at Jordan's childhood home this weekend. It was a lot of fun. Our bonfire got rained out, but it was still a lovely evening.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ice Cream Date

Just wanted to share these pictures of a date Jordan took me on this past week. Simple, yet speak loudly about the amount he cares for me. 

To see the grace and love of Christ shine through him daily is a blessing. Jordan truly is a man who knows what it is to cherish his wife. 

I stand in awe.

Christ, in his mercy, knit together a man who would gladly lay down his life for me. I could not be more filled with joy and trembling than I am when I think about His great design. 

Hallelujah. What a Savior.


Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Things I Love #19

Ah, yes. Time for another installment of 5 Things.

I woke up grumpy today. Not at all refreshed like I usually am. Stumbling into the kitchen, I buried my face in Jordan's chest. He smiled and told me to quit goofing around (or something along those lines, I told you, I was tired). I shuffled away to put on my Friday clothes (yay jeans!) and sent a silent pray above with a request to brighten my sullen mood.

Fast-forward to 5pm.

Today was wonderful. Not only did I get my oil changed and get to have lunch with mum, but I landed a sale that put my team of 3 people over our budget for this month. High fives for all!

I guess what I'm saying is... Thank you, Lord. This Friday has been killer.


1. Homemade Bread. I can't wait to make this recipe next week.

2. Yeti and the Beast. Enough said.

3. Lost + Found by Tessa Rose Jackson.

4. This 8 tracks playlist.

5. Jordan.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday! We get to spend some quality time with the in-laws this weekend! Yippee!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY // Geometric Throw Pillow

Drinking: Water
Listening: Northern State

Since Jordan got me my sewing machine I've been making things right and left. He says it will wear off, but I seriously hope it doesn't. I love being able to make things day in and day out. I can't wait to have some of these pillows in the basement. 

-Paint Brushes/Foam Brushes
-Acrylic Paint 
-Cardboard Triangle
-20 x 20 square of Muslin
-20 x 20 square of Burlap
-Masking Tape

I hand traced the triangles on the Muslin and then painted them in. In retrospect I think it that was a terrible idea! I wish I had stamped the triangles - hand painting them was a pain and took about 2 hours. Whew! I do love how it looks though!

While the Muslin side was drying, I taped off a large triangle in the middle of the Burlap. Using a foam brush I filled it in and peeled the tape off before it was dry. Look how perfect it turned out! I'm in love!

Once both sides were dry I put the painted sides together and then sewed up all four sides, leaving a 6 inch hole to turn it inside out and stuff it. Once the pillow was stuffed, I whip stitched up the opening. 

Isn't it adorable!? I'm in love with this pillow. It might be true to say that I have pillow fever... I just want to make more! 

Are you guys making anything fun with your machines this Summer?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eats // Avocado Ranch Dip

Drinking: Water
Listening: The Like

Some of you may remember the list of recipes I posted here. Even looking back on it makes me hungry and I just ate! I wanted to share the first recipe I tried from that list: Avocado Ranch Dip. I am pleased to say that this turned out EXACTLY as I had hoped it would. I made a massive batch and still have some in my fridge. It's great for veggie dipping as well as chip dipping, which are both favorites of mine.

I adapted it from here:

-2 Avocados
-1 cup of Greek Yogurt
-2 tbs Lemon Juice
-Fresh Chives
-Garlic Salt

Mix Avocado, Greek Yogurt, lemon juice. Once it's smooth mix in all other ingredients.

Are you guys trying any fun summer recipes? I would love to hear!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Music Monday

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: New Radicals

Music Monday is a day late.

I would say sorry, but I had a hot date with a cute boy last night, so I'm really not sorry. ;)

Here are some tunes to jam out to this week.

Tongue Tied // Grouplove
When Did Your Heart Go Missing // Rooney
Walking On A Dream // Empire Of The Sun
Kids // MGMT
What Do You Know // Two Door Cinema Club
Time To Pretend // MGMT
Bones // The Killers

Enjoy and have yourself a lovely Tuesday!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Infused Ice Cubes

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Gungor

I drink water at work all day long. And yes, I'll admit it, it gets boring. I add lemon and lime on occasion, but sometimes even that gets boring! So yesterday I made Infused Ice Cubes. I chopped up whatever was in my fridge, popped it in the tray and froze it. Check it out!

I chose rosemary from my garden, lemons, limes and cherries. I chopped them up and added them together in the cube trays. Every one was a little different... two cherries here, a little rosemary there... I had fun just making up different flavors.

 I loved how the cherries bled while they were freezing and made the cubes so pretty!
And I also love how gorgeous they look in my glass! Now I have tasty water and a fun weekly project to do!

Are you guys doing anything fun to encourage yourselves to eat/drink healthy? I would love to hear your tips!


Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Things I Love #18

Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Listening: The Republic Of Wolves

Yes, I'm loving Summer foods lately. Who can blame me!? It's Summer! For this installment of 5 Things I Love I chose recipes that I want to try this week... Hopefully 1 or 2 this weekend even!

 What do you guys have in the works?! I would love to hear/see some of your tasty recipes! 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY // Polka Dot + Striped Pillow

Drinking: Water
Listening: Daft Punk

I have been a sewing fiend lately, guys. Seriously. I've been pumping out the projects right and left. I'm not really good at it yet, so I'm trying to get some practice under my belt. I can already see my lines getting straighter, which is something I really struggled with when I first started.

Check out this cute pillow I made from the scraps of the muslin from the sofa pillows I made! It will look great down stairs when I finish the burlap covers for the bottom cushions.

 I painted black dots on one side and gold striped on the other. I can't wait to see it on the sofa in the basement.

 I can't get over how clean the lines turned out. That's a grade A pillow right there, folks!

I love the satisfaction a simple project can bring! This little guy was whipped up in a day (due to paint dry time) and I love how it turned out!