Monday, May 20, 2013

Time flies...

Drinking: Coffee
Listening: Dispatch

Sometimes things go by so fast...

Like the fact Jordan and I have been married 2 weeks now. I mean, really. My mind is completely blown by that.
Or the fact that my group of high schoolers are graduating this year and I've been involved with them since they were sophomores.
Or the fact that my baby sister can start applying to colleges.
Or the fact that I've been at Grabber for 4 years now.

This weekend even went by too fast and I never say that! I just really want to savor this small moments that I'm surrounded by. Ew. I know, I'm not cheesy... So I don't know why I'm nostalgic this morning.

But I do know one thing... I love that Jordan and I walked out of the house at the same time to go to work. I loved every second of the time from the door to the time he kissed my forehead on the sidewalk.

Enjoy this fantastic song on me.


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