Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goals 6/24

I posted some simple goals for this week to kind of jumpstart the beginning of Summer. I feel like I've been pretty blah lately, so I wanted to freshen up my daily routine. This is how day #1 went.

1. Make Something - I organized a lot of my mini craft supplies with my dymo labeler. I love the way it makes things more visually appealing and easier on the eyes.

2. Eat Something - I didn't really eat a lot, but I harvested my first handfuls of lettuce from the Garden last night and munched a bit. I felt instantly healthier.

3. Jordan + I went to a Disk Golf course up the road. I mostly walked around because try as I may I'm not good at Disk Golf, but it was a nice stroll outside and I enjoyed spending time with my love.

Do you guys have any simple goals? I'm going to be posting on Twitter + Instagram with the hastag #simplegoals and would love for you guys to follow along and share your simple goals!


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