Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY // How To Organize On The Cheap

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Sometimes I struggle with how I'm going to keep all my little craft items organized. Thread, beads, stamps, paint brushes... I don't have the money to buy cute storage containers for all of the crafting "knick knacks" that are in my office. I started searching for a cheap way to store things when I stumbled upon this idea on Pintrest. 

Yes please. 

I adapted it a bit to fit my cheap needs and have been slowly building a collection. 

-Spray Paint (I chose white because I wanted it to match everything)
-Left over glass jar + lid from the pasta sauce you used last night
-Dymo Label maker

-Wash your jar thoroughly and make sure all the glue from the label is washed off.
-Paint the lid of the jar. You might have to use several coats. 
-Make a label for your jar!

I've made close to 20 jars into cute simple storage so far. I love the clean look they give sitting on a shelf. I like that they're all different sizes but the lids are all the same color. 

Aren't they cute? I love them! They look great in my craft room and I finally have a space for all of my small items. What do you guys do to keep all your gizmos in order?


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