Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY // Gold Shell Necklace

I love all the seasons, but man, this Winter is really making me miss Summer. I love warm weather and being able to enjoy the sunshine in shorts and t-shirt. I also love collecting small things like shells and acorns so I can make them into one of a kind jewelry. Since I'm excited for Summer I decided to make a cute shell necklace. 

You will need: 
-Jewelry Bails
-Jewelry Wire
-Sea Shells
-Liquid Gilding or Gold Spray Paint
-Jewelry Pliers
-Small Paintbrush

1. Start by gluing the bail into place on the back on the shell and let it dry completely. 

2. Paint the shell. I used this but you can just as easily use spray paint. Let it dry and attach the chain!

Isn't this cute? I want to make a ton of them! They'll look awesome with a tank during the Summer. Do you guys think you'll be making something similar? I would love to see!


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