Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lists Vol. 1 (DIY Home Decor Ideas)

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I love making lists. I make a list every morning of things I have to do and then when I get to work I make a list of "work related" things that I have to do. Bam! There are 2 lists right there. Then you have to take into consideration the pages and pages of "blog idea" lists that I have floating around. They are everywhere. In my purse, in my car, on my desk, on my laptop, on my desktop, on my book shelves. I have multiple note books full. I even found a sticky note with some home decor DIY ideas in my sheets the other day. What have I become, you ask? I am a lister. I love lists. Not because I always accomplish everything or I'm incredibly organized. I just simply have a better grip on what NEEDS to be done and HOW I want to do it. It helps me plan. I also love to plan. It drives Jordan a little crazy, I think. Probably because I love to plan, but I have no concept of time, so I'm usually late. That's something I need to work on.

I digress.

I am going to do a periodic feature called Lists. It's just a random collection of lists I have made, acquired or some I am currently working on.

I really love some of the DIY decor ideas I've seen around the interwebs. Below are a few I would like to try.

1. Salvaging a Goodwill lamp and giving it new life. Aren't these wonderful?

2. Giving an old piece some new life with a monochromatic paint scheme. They did a fantastic job here.

3. Covering old pillows with new fabric. I love this idea.
4. Coming up with clever, fresh lighting ideas and fixtures. I love the idea's the have here & here.

5. Painting something you wouldn't think of a vibrant color. Ahhhh! I have this same chair!

Everyone have a great morning! Enjoy!



  1. You make me want to skip work to craft today

    1. Haha, I feel the same way! I've been compiling a list of really great looking (and easy) DIY's. Some of these just look really fun and simple. Now if I just had an afternoon where I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off. :)